Are you looking for new ways to promote your business, strengthen your brand awareness or explain a new product? 

Or do you need video material for internal communication - for example for teaching, employer branding or external recruitment of new employees?

Then the production of a corporate film may be the ideal solution for you.

What is a corporate film?

Corporate films are promotional videos that are specifically designed to raise awareness about your brand, product, or service (or a combination of all three). 

The majority of your customers and target audience will find movies and videos more appealing and interesting than pure text-based promotion. A corporate film can help you and your company get through with the right messages - without the viewer losing interest. So it is absolutely essential if you want to increase sales, strengthen awareness or sell an idea. 

A corporate film can also be used for internal use. If your company has multiple offices across the country or the world, in-house training can quickly become costly in time and resources. 

Here, an internal corporate film with a focus on competence training will be an obvious opportunity for streamlining. You do not need to spend time traveling, and the film can be played over and over again - so everyone in the company can be included.

Corporate films are a fluid genre, and therefore also go by different names and types. You can read more about the different names and types of corporate movies below. 

Presentation videos

A presentation video presents a specific message. It can be your brand's overall message. The most important thing in a presentation video is to arouse the interest of the recipient and speak to their emotions.

In this way, your message gets through and leaves a unique impression of your company with the target group. Subsequently, you can use the video across communication platforms: For example, on the company's website, social media and email campaigns. 

Branding films

A branding movie is in many ways the same as a presentation video. The focus here is on promoting your brand. It can be expressed through a personal story about your company's basic idea and vision. 

But branding can also happen at smaller levels: 

  • Campaigns
  • Products
  • Employer branding (ideally for recruitment purposes)
  • Personal branding (if for exampel you live off of your public persona)

Profile film

Similarly, profile films do not differ much from presentation videos and branding films. The key to a profile film is, as the word implies, to showcase the company's underlying profile.

Where branding films are suitable for external audiences, a profile film will be good for internal use. This could, for example, be a change of management or organizational restructuring. With the profile film, you encapsulate the essence of the company's spirit - both at the ideological level but also at the employee level.

In this way, you can easily and effectively introduce the company's profile and spirit to new players in the company. 

Below you can see examples of various corporate productions that Wasabi Film has produced for our many satisfied clients.

Professional production of corporate films with a focus on story telling.

All types of corporate films need professional storytelling. Storytelling is the heart of any living story about your business. 

If you choose to have a corporate film produced, we at Wasabi Film can guarantee you photography, shooting, editing and storytelling at the highest level. 

Among other things, we have produced films from conferences and corporate events, as well as branding films where the company in a few minutes has their values or product explained. Our productions have been delivered for both the very large and the small screens, SoMe, conference stands and companies' own websites.

Let us help you take your film all the way from A to Z. With a strong focus on you and your company, we place emphasis on being in an ongoing dialogue with you towards the finished film, so we make sure to meet your wishes and not least the target group.

Our many years of experience with film production and  production of documentaries and TV can be seen in the videos we create for companies. We are talented at developing original concepts, as well as instructing both employees and CEOs to get their message across precisely while also looking convincing.

Our corporate video productions are full of life due to our many years of experience with docuseries. We try to avoid “talking heads” where someone speaks for a long time behind a desk. With our help, you get moving pictures and exciting videos that sell your company and your product better.

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