Do you need to explain a complicated concept in a short amount of time, while also grabbing the attention of your target group - in a language that is actually understandable?

An animated film or video with Motion Graphics will be an obvious way forward.

The sky is the limit for your story with animation and motion graphics. You can control your message down to the slightest detail with simple effects. At Wasabi Film, we value producing impressive and thoroughly considered animations. Through close collaboration, we can covey solid messages in a new and creative way.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics can be translated to "moving images". And that's exactly the basic essence of Motion Graphics: Taking a graphic or other digital design and bringing it to life through movement. That is what's usually called "animation". 

That is why many people also use the terms “Motion Graphics” and “animations” a lot - and this is understandable, as Motion Graphics is precisely animated graphic design. 

However, it is not so important how the two techniques differ. Central to you is how Graphics can help you and your business capture the attention of a relevant audience with the right message. 

And it can do so by transforming complicated concepts and imaginative technical language into concrete images that are understandable. With Graphics, you speak in a unique "language" where you can sell your ideas, messages and products in a convincing voice.

How can you use Motion Graphics in your marketing?

Motion Graphics conveys complex messages reliably and straightforwardly with graphics, videoclips, and animation techniques. You can use graphics internally to communicate information or on social media as a part of a more extensive campaign.

An animated film is an ideal tool to get a message across in a precise and easily understood way. The advantage of motion graphics is that it is a fantastic tool to engage and further understanding.

Humans are visual creatures, i.e, we have an easier time learning through moving pictures in a video compared to text.

Our animated films have helped our customers in presenting complex problems and messages via infographics, animation, strong visuals and sound design. We can convey even the most complex strategies understandably through animated icons.

With Motion Graphics we can produce explainer videos, logo animations, campaigns, below:, intro to TV series and more. With a focus on good storytelling as well as the visual expression, an animated film or video will be able to strengthen your brand and elevate your presence.

A professionally produced animated film with Motion Graphics also helps to confirm the authority of companies in their respective areas. Explore our productions below and experience the potential of Motion Graphics for yourself.

Graphics and digital design make the complicated simple

As you have just experienced, you can sell your idea in a completely unique way through animated graphics and digital design. Motion Graphics can thus help you simplify processes and topics through visual storytelling.

This way, you create a better understanding and reach a broader demographic. You are even able to combine motion graphics with a regular video or something entirely different.

We love original concepts and animations. By using Graphics, you do not have to set aside time in your calendar, go out into the field or stand in front of the camera.

Music, sound, and excellent production design create the framework for our professional speakers. Therefore, with great experience and expertise, we can convey your message credibly and presently. 

We will help you from the initial design to the creation of the vivid images.

Get startet with Motion Graphics.

Are you considering producing a movie or video yourself with Motion Graphics?

In that case, Wasabi Film is at your service. With many years of experience with animations and Graphics, we take pride in producing beautiful and well-thought-out animations. Through a close collaboration with you and your company, we can convey your messages in a new and creative way.

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