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Wasabi Film is a full-service production company,
which means we offer all elements of film production - from the idea- and concept development to final master films.

Wasabi Film consists of concept developers, script- and copywriters, directors, TV producers, VJ's, producers, graphic designers, editors, and cinematographers with a strong ambition to always present the best film production.

We are experts at producing high-end graphics,
and we have experience with both TV and film production.
We produce everything from commercials and videos for the web to videos for corporations’ internal use.

Below you can read more about our services.


A production company located in Aarhus

We have our base in Filmby Aarhus; however, we operate outside of Denmark as well.

We have many years of experience producing films at home and abroad, and our film production portfolio covers a wide field.
Regardless of the project’s scope or type, we guarantee a quality film with a strong visual expression.

At Wasabi Film, we engage ourselves in every single project, and we have a professional approach to our productions. We are working with original concepts, and you can see the impressive result of this on the screen.


At Wasabi Film, we produce films for screens of all sizes. We have the competence and experience required to take the given film production from an idea to a finalized film. 

Wasabi Film is a production company that works creatively and passionately. We are in close dialogue with you and your ideas, goals, and visions. We tell stories through moving pictures and create results. We believe in original concepts and simple effects, and we produce for larger and smaller brands.

Wasabi Film is a production company who covers the full spectrum. No matter your needs within film production, we've got you covered. We are a collaborative team consisting of creative and passionate people in film production and its process. 

Film production in Aarhus

We are based in Aarhus Filmby and we provide film productions in Aarhus, Denmark and the rest for the world 😃 

Film production from A to Z can be a demanding process, which is why you should choose a collaborator with high professionalism and many years of experience within film production, who can make your visions and goals come to life through moving pictures.

We elevate every single project within film production, and we make sure you get a result driven by passion, curiosity, and ambition.

visually powerful advertising agency

Wasabi Film is not a is not a classic advertising agency. We are an expert agency, who creates a visual, powerful storytelling for your company or product, which captures and retains your target audience

We produce content for online marketing, but we supply content to several media platforms as well. No matter the format, we will help you communicate messages, visual expressions, and strengthen your online presence. 

Wasabi Film is a production company in Aarhus with with extensive professional skills. We are not a classic Danish advertising agency. If you are looking for an advertising agency in Aarhus, we can advise and guide you. At the same time, we deliver a qualified and competitive bid for the job. 

We have more than 15 years of experience with commercials, campaigns, corporate branding, documentaries, and TV. Look into us and see what we can offer YOU.


Production of video at Wasabi Film

At Wasabi Film, we offer all the elements of a film- and video production. We set the creative direction, so we can produce a video with with the right strategic goals for your company.

Through moving pictures, you strengthen your message and capture the attention of the viewer. At the same time, you awaken your demographic’s feelings through sound and images.

It will be easier to reach out to your demographic with a professional video production, and it will make the message identifiable to your viewers. Our productions are fit for internal as well as external use. Whatever the format may be, we will convey your message in an engaging and capturing way. 

We are with you every step of the way from beginning to end – may it be concept development, planning, execution, or exportation. Our productions are always firmly controlled by our skilled project manager, who will ensure the production crosses the finishing line.

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