Documenting your event through an audio-visual production is a great way to maximise content and unleash the full potential of the hard work, you put into producing an event.

Wasabi Film produces visually strong videos that capture the atmosphere and show highlights of your event, for internal and external use. Whether it is a corporate event video, commercial or a teaser campaign, our film production ensures a visually strong narrative. And regardless of the scope or type of task, you get a high-end and professional video and a quality product, that conveys your event in the best way - rarely seen.

Below you can see a selection of the event videos we have produced. And further down the page, you can read more about the benefits of this type of production:

The advantages of event and documentation videos

Event and documentation videos can:
increase the scope of the event, since they are spreadable and can create added value, e.g. by targeting the content to a specific audience; extend the life of the event as a video is a permanent product; be used as a promotional tool - and we could continue mentioning benefits - vivid images are often more effective and faster to perceive than conventionally written texts.

How we collaborate with you

We will discuss every detail required in advance to make sure the concept is original. In the end, we will provide a professional event video, which can attract attention from possible partners and clients.
Whether the event is a conference, press conference, kick-off event, or a corporate anniversary, we will always set the bar high. We draw from our experience of our many years in the business, and we seek to make the absolute best event video every time.

We'll gladly assist you. Tell us about your project here. Together, we clarify your needs and key goals.

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