A campaign video is a great tool to convey a message. Whether you would like to elucidate and inform, influence the demographic’s opinions or get new customers, Wasabi Film can help. We produce campaigns and branding videos with moving pictures and intense visual effects that reach your target audience. 

Campaigns can be used in several ways, including political campaigns, PR, and marketing campaigns. Studies show that visuals get up to 80% more views than textual posts. Something happens to us, which awakens our understanding and empathy when we see people and hear their voices.

We will adjust the tone of voice depending on the desired demographic and the purpose of the campaign. In some instances, an animated film is the most suitable for the purpose. Other times it would be more fitting with a branding or employer branding campaign.

Branding videos and campaigns are still, to this day, only reserved for large corporations with big budgets. Today you can reach a specific demographic through your own YouTube-channel, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Social media is an obvious communication form since you can go far with powerful images and impressive effects.

Check out campaigns and commercialsbelow:

What is a campaign film?

A typical campaign film is usually one of several campaign elements that are running for a limited time. The film correlates to the corporation’s values and offers. By using a narrative as a starting point, you can capture the audience’s attention in a sophisticated and unconventional way. There is a delicate balance to this communication form which we, with our 15 years+ of experience in branding and campaigning, will advise and guide you in. 

When you choose Wasabi Film as an advertising agency, reklamebureauyou are guaranteed an original concept for your film. We produce with great curiosity and with a high ambition to always deliver the best product. We are with you all the way. Together we find the right focus for your message and target group. 

You are welcome to oo exploring our many film productions and maybe you'll find inspiration for your next campaign film.