What is a commercial?

A commercial often plays on your emotions and is supposed to awaken the audience’s interest with strong visual motifs. At the same time, it is essential to convey or build a distinct brand that the audience trusts. 

A commercial is a unique form of communication since you can motivate the audience to invest time in your company’s product or overall message through aesthetics, humour, music or audio. This way, you increase the attention to your company and the focus on your brand and products by using visuals.

Whether your mission is to get new leads into your top funnel, sell more products or create awareness around your campaign, a well-produced commercial will ensure just that.

Once you have your commercial produced, there are a wealth of channels on which you can distribute it. The classic approach is television advertising. But you can also choose to use the same commercial on your company's website and across social media channels. 

You therefore get access to visual content that catches the target group's attention - and the opportunity to place content in the places where the target group's attention is in the first place.

Do you want us to produce a commercial?

Are you considering whether or not your company should have a commercial produced that presents your company, product or offer? 

At Wasabi Film, we can help help you develop an original commercial. We record, edit and produce your commercial. Our primary focus is to communicate your brand’s unique selling points and call attention to your company’s values. 

To produce an effective commercial that creates value for you and your business, it must be captivating and visually strong. In other words, people should bother to spend time on it. And producing a catchy commercial is not easy.

How many times have you turned off, zapped or swiped on when the ads come on or show up in your feed? 

You avoid that with a fun, exciting and interesting story. The commercial must capture the viewer's attention within seconds - otherwise they are moving on. It must also be able to explain your message very clearly. And then it has to be compelling. 

But how do you achieve that?

This is where the Wasabi film crew comes into the picture. With lots of high end production experience, you are in safe hands when we help you with professional storytelling. We also help you create a unique visual expression that makes the viewer open their eyes wide and stay engaged until your call to action or payoff has secured their attention.

You can therefore expect to have your message conveyed in a well-defined way and make sure that it stands out and strengthens your online presence.

Below you can explore Danish and international commercials and campaigns, below:which we have produced for our clients

A professional commercial

In a joint collaboration between your creative ideas and our refined competencies, together we can create your next successful commercial. 

Our production company consists of concept developers, writers, directors, TV producers and VJs, producers, graphic designers, editors, and cinematographers with a strong ambition to produce the best commercial possible. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to produce a proper commercial – especially if you wish for it to be successful. 

Many commercials are made with a combination of recordings, special effects, animated graphics and music, speaks or sound effects. Those are naturally areas where we also excel. In other words, at Wasabi Film you get the whole package of competencies that make a captivating and value-creating commercial. 

Let us guide and advise you through what expression your commercial should have. There are a lot of possibilities, and therefore, we take factors such as economy, practicalities, the corporation’s visual expression and identification into account.

In this way, together we can create a successful commercial that not only elevates your company's visual identity and presence, but ultimately also raises the bottom line. 

The price of commerical

Ambition and budget on a commercial are always related. The price of a commercial therefore always depends on how the creative take is on the idea for the commercial.

For example, do you want to hire actors? Do you want the commcerial to use special effects, speak and music? And how long should it take to record and edit?

If you further want it to be a TV commercial, you must also include the advertising prices of various TV channels. Here you typically have to pay for the number of seconds that your advertisement is displayed - which will go up and down in price depending on the time in the broadcast area. 

All of these factors need to be taken into account when it comes to the specific price of your commercial. If you are in doubt about what prices to include to create valuable commercial for you and your business, you are always welcome to contact us.

Then together we can what would work for your specific idea, how it should be carried out and what it will cost you. 

How can Wasabi Film help you reach your goal?

We are based in Aarhus Filmby but operate in the whole world, so we do not only produce Danish commercials.

We offer qualified sparring from idea to finished commercial and always make sure that the look and tone are at eye level with your target audience. All platforms have their own language and narrative format. 

Would you like us to help you produce your next commercial?

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